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Meet the author :)
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Speaker Kindergarten Graduation (I delivered during the Kindergarten Graduation 2010 of R.B.Ablan Elem School)

I will remember my first graduation when I finished kindergarten. This was when I learned basic principles in life like. Share everything, Play fair, Don't hit people, Put things back where you found them, Don't take things that are not yours, Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody, Wash your hands before you eat, Learn some and think some, and draw, paint, sing, dance, play and work a little bit everyday, Take a nap in the afternoon, When you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands and stick together, Be aware of the wonder of God's creation.

Everything you need to know is there somewhere. The golden rule and love, and basic sanitation, ecology, politics and sane living. Think of what a better world we could have if we all decide to follow what we learned when we were in kindergarten.
I can still remember how my teachers during my formative years motivate me to be who I am today.
 To our beloved principal Mrs. Gladys G. Domingo, DepEd officials, PTCA officers and members, teaching and non-teaching staff of this school, parents, other platform guests, my young dear graduates, ladies and gentlemen a blessed afternoon.
It is indeed my great honor and privilege to come back to where I graduated in the elementary, my beloved Roque B. Ablan Elementary School. I consider this institution closest to my heart for I did not only spend my formative years here but, at the same time I had my student teaching here 2 years ago. Hopefully, I will stay here for the rest of my professional life.
May I address this to the graduates: Look at what I am holding right now. What is it? Yes, a butterfly. A butterfly is the best example of life because it undergoes different stages. As an egg, this symbolizes days of conception, after few weeks it will develop into a caterpillar. This is the kindergarten phase where you are right now, time of exploration and survival. Then, the caterpillar will turn into a pupa which cautions you to stop for a moment, to sharpen yourselves to become better persons. Finally, into a very beautiful butterfly, metamorphosis reaches its final stage. Here blooms a very beautiful and colorful butterfly, there you achieve success.

Education is your greatest treasure which your neighbors or any other people cannot steal it away from you. Remember also that education, for it to be successful, should not be limited in the confines of the classroom. So explore as you move on and up of your life.
To the parents, this is the crucial stage of your children’s life, guide them in their exploration. Show them the beauty of their surroundings. As stated in a TV commercial the child said ”I did it mom I traded my sandwich for a kiss sorry na ah. I played in the rain but I made a new friend I learned to think of others. I tried and tried mom Im sorry I got stinky I got dirty but see I learned”. This shows how kids learn by experience, exploration and exposure. Let them grow, let them go.Anything that they do today will be treasure in their future. And, save for them too, as they are still starting in their education it is also best to start earning and saving for their degree in college. They will be your precious jewels when they will achieve their goals.
To the teaching staff especially to the Kinder teacher, Ma’am Kirstein, friend, I salute you! I know how hard to be a teacher for I am one but indeed you started to nourish and motivate the life long journey of this children who are moving on to their  next level of education. Im sure you will be proud someday looking at them as great leaders of our society. In God’s time, you will receive your ROI- Return of Investment.
May I also take this opportunity to extend my warmest and heartfelt thanks to my former teachers for my success is your success too to Mrs. Español, Mrs. Pilar, Ms. Sampayan, Mrs. Paulino, Mrs. Orpilla, and my beloved Mrs. Colobong. You sharpened me so well.
My speech may be so brief but with the short time given me to be with you this afternoon, I was able to impart an inspiration to guide you and light your ways in the higher level or bracket of education. I pray for your successful journey.
As I go back to my seat may I end up this great opportunity with this acronym that serves as my guiding principle in life.

My 5S
Study hard
Stay humble
Save your family among any other
Smile to enjoy your exploration, and
Surrender your life to the Lord

Follow this and surely you will achieve life’s greatest pleasure. Thank you and May God bless you all. Congratulations!